Monday, December 28, 2009


Religion is not natural.

Why deny yourself basic human desires? Masturbation is not evil, your body produces more semen. Pre-marital sex is not promiscuous unless the person is a serial fucker. Such rules were made before science and logic based off evidentiary support too reign.

Religion has no hold on palpable, real worldly things.


  1. Is any human construct natural? When you say "Religion has no hold on palapable, real worldy things," I tend to disagree... example, I can't buy achohol on sundays.

  2. But, doesn't every animal behavior have a natural cause - natural selection? Yes. Thus, religion is the natural product of natural selection making our brains believe, believe in higher powers. It's quite unfortunate, but quite true. It is now well understood that religion has fitness (that is, reproductive) advantages in human evolutionary history, therefore making its presence nearly intractable. IMHO the main probs with Religion is not that it exists, but rather that more than one exists and that each sect tries to convert (read as kill, rape, pillage and torture until conversion) others.

  3. If you think the Theory of Evolution supports your oppinion that every human behavior is caused by natural selection, then you do not understand the theory very well. Not all behaviors are passed on via genetics.

  4. Most behaviors are learned not passed on.

    Religion is a natural product, I can agree with that, but it goes on to deny humans their basic desires and tendencies.

    I agree with the problem of conversion violence.

  5. You need to define natural

    Usually in this context natural is short for "naturally occuring" as in, it appears in nature, as opposed to being created by humans. Religion is a human construct and is not naturally occuring, independent of humans. This means Religion is not natural.

  6. Thats precisely what I mean. Religion appears out of human consciousness. No other organism has religion, even the more intelligent creatures. It isnt natural in the world, but because humans have higher levels of thought somehow that translates to it being natural in our species.
    I disagree with that.