Thursday, March 18, 2010


Everyone fucking misinterprets me.

I got the job I was vying for which is great, but they've hired another assistant, fortunately it's a friend of mine, which makes the already meager hours I will be getting ever more sparse. I need money. I didn't take this job to dick around for a few months with no hours. This "sub" bullshit is just as bad as the YMCA where you have to scramble for hours because people nab them all and people never need subs so you essentially get kicked off payroll because of poor management.
I bet my first half-assed pay check on that.

It's so ridiculously teenager-ish to think that no one with ever understand me, but it's starting to actually seem true. In my grapple for words I am misinterpreted and end up sounding crazy, ridiculous, moronic, or contradictory. Because I'm such a hypocrite. Because I always want my way. I am such a bitch, aren't I?
Since December I've been dealing with emotional bullshit that I shouldn't be having to. I'm curious Karma: what did I do to get all this thrown back at me?

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