Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ridiculous. I give a fuck and I'm trying to calmly give a fuck while controlling my emotional responses and to clarify a statement I correct you and you blow me off because you think I'm being purposefully offensive. Do you realize that you have misinterpreted me multiple times in text form? That I don't want people misinterpreting what I say? That I am innately a forward and direct person and when my words are twisted or confused from their original intent that it pisses me the fuck off?

I can't be sympathetic when I'm being pissed off. I have enough reason to be annoyed and I've been trying to work off of that to be on a level-field with you while you think I'm bombarding you with corrections and malicious intent. Fuck you. If I wanted to do that I would do it so much more directly and actually insult you. I give a fuck about your current state of affairs and in the middle of trying to talk to you about it you think I'm yet again insulting what couldn't be anything other than your infinite amount of wisdom and how dare I have the audacity to do such a thing! I'm not. Jesus fucking christ.
For your love of criticism start taking it with a pair when it comes to things other than your overly chill demeanor and obsession of typing in inverted sentence structure. That's what annoys me. Moreso that you think I'm attacking you. I'm not, for christ's sake. I'm trying to care. Do you understand how difficult that is when the person you're trying to speak with on good terms thinks you're constantly berating them and is stand-offish because of that? Oh of course you do because you're thinking of me! No. Nothing like that.
I am not, will not, can never be, and have never been good at forgiveness. I attempt it like a motherfucker but I will never be good at forgiving people easily. I will not intentionally wrong you and I expect the same. I am not intentionally wronging, hurting, anything'ing you yet you treat me like I am. Your current emotional affairs are relevant to me but I can't give a fuck when you're wrapped up in the idea that I'm an ass so you reciprocate with being an ass.
You took the high road? No, you didn't. You disconnected rudely because you thought I was being rude when truly I was trying to care. Clarification is something I do to everyone. Sorry you misinterpreted and I needed to rephrase what I said so you could understand it.

Buy your own damn batteries, jerk.

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